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My research interests include logic, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind. All of these areas are approached from a speech act, or language act, perspective. At present, I am devoting time and energy to articulating a conceptual framework which accommodates language acts and logical theories. This allows us to identify topics and areas that can be, and should be, explored. Many of these have been explored already, but many have not. Developing the framework is preliminary to working out theories for the unexplored parts, because the framework provides guidance for doing this.

In addition to spelling out the framework, I am concerned to develop logical theories for some topics or areas that haven’t been adequately explored, as well as topics/areas that haven’t been explored at all. I previously characterized this area of research as illocutionary logic, but I now think that characterization isn’t appropriate. A better label is the logic of speech acts or language acts. Some logical theories deal with illocutionary acts and illocutionary arguments, others focus on locutionary acts and locutionary arguments.

Although I think all logical theories are directly or indirectly concerned with language acts, the development of what might be called explicitly language-act logical theories was pioneered by John Searle and Daniel Vanderveken. They considered themselves to be introducing and developing illocutionary logic. For some time I used that label to characterize my own interests and research, but that characterization is too narrow for the theories that now concern me. Even my work on illocutionary acts and illocutionary arguments should be understood from the broader perspective of speech acts/language acts.

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